About me

I am a population genomicist interested in the evolution, spread and management of infectious diseases.

I am on Research Gate

I am  (since October 2015) a permanent researcher at CIRAD (Agricultural Research for Development) in the PVBMT laboratory at la Reunion Island. CIRAD is a French agricultural research organization working for development in the South and the French overseas regions. We work with developing countries to generate and pass on new knowledge, support agricultural development and fuel the debate on the main global issues concerning agriculture.

Before, I did a 3,5 years postdoc in François Balloux‘s lab at UCL Genetics Institute in London. Our group mission statement was to address important questions in evolution, epidemiology and public health through the analysis of genomic datasets and the development of new methodological tools. Research in our lab spanned a large continuum ranging from the fundamental (e.g. reconstructing the colonisation of the world by our ancestors) to the applied (e.g. tracking antibiotic resistance mutations in hospitals).

I did my PhD in 2009-2011 at CIRAD in the UMR BGPI (Biology and genetics of plant-pathogen interactions) in Montpellier (France).